Sustainable hardwood logs

We source all of our firewood sustainably from the woodlands we manage

Why our wood is sustainable

  • The majority of our wood comes from the thinning of the woodlands we manage. Every tree we cut down is replaced by 5-10 new saplings growing back up in place of that one one tree.
  • We also plant one tree for every two cubic metres OR two barrow bags sold to offset the emissions of felling, extracting and processing the tree into logs and delivering them.
  • Unlike many suppliers, we do not ship in wood from across the country.
  • Our logs are sourced locally and sold locally.
  • We focus on recycling the waste from our work.
  • Our logs are seasoned to around moisture content of 20-25% for maximum energy efficiency.

Why burning our wood is sustainable

When a tree grows from a seed, the sapling gradually captures CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows to maturity. When the tree rots, or is burned, the same amount of CO2 is released back into the atmosphere. This carbon cycle is repeated as new trees grow and then die.

When we use wood as fuel we must make sure we replace the trees we use so that the whole cycle continues and the net amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere remains fixed. This is why burning wood from a managed source is known as renewable energy.

CASH or CHEQUE required on delivery of logs. All below prices include VAT at 5%

Generally FREE delivery within a 10 mile radius of our Yard at Chelwood, We are happy to deliver to other locations but please ring to confirm any additional delivery charge that may apply.

Logs come loose on a tipper van or bigger loads on a tipper trailer.

Logs by cubic metre

1 cubic metre £85  ~ | ~  2 cubic metre £160
3 cubic metre £240  ~ | ~  4 cubic metre £320
5 cubic metre £400  ~ | ~  6 cubic metre £480
7 cubic metre £560

Call: 07738 431271


Chumps are bits of wood and very small logs which break off during the harvesting and processing of the trees. Ideal for when starting to light a fire in either a wood burning stove or fire pit.

Bag £10

Call: 07738 431271


A bag of small kindling sticks. Great to getting a fire started in a smaller wood burning stove or outdoor fire pit.

Net bag £5 or 4 for £15

Call: 07738 431271

Wholesale Logs

Up to 30 cubic metres available contact us for prices.

Call: 07738 431271

Our previous clients are varied and include: